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Is It Normal for the A/C to Leak Buckets of Water  July 24, 2012 – 07:53 pm
Wiring Diagram for Self Contained Air Conditioning Units My A/C works well, but it seems to have an unusual amount of runoff. I noticed it and a man who caravanned with me knocked on my door out of concern when he saw water pouring from it. Water trickles from the unit when the A/C is running, however, when I cut the unit seems like a gallon of water than rushes from underneath my unit (all from the A/C...I assume). The A/C also leaks a little on the inside, however...not enough to bother me. I also noticed that when it rains hard, rain water enters the trailer through this unit. Now, I have had to put a pot on the floor to catch the rainwater on one occasion (this should not be normal). In any event, I am asking and plan to call Airstream and read the Dometic brochure to see if I can figure this problem out myself. I just wanted to see what was normal for the rest of you (and your units). I am just returning to Georgia from a trip from Mackinaw City, Michigan. Again, my A/C appears to be producing an inordinately amount of runoff.
The A/C malfunctioned last year but it was a minor problem. According to the person who solved the problem, the A/C was not properly seated causing the fan not to run--something he said that the dealer should have made sure was taken care of before selling the unit to me. In any event, I learned that those warranties through Dometic are useless. I am still under warranty with Airstream since my unit is still less than two years old--so I want to get items like problems with the A/C corrected. I did purchase an extended warranty on my A/C for three additional years.

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